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Kemet Aroma 10ml

Kemet Aroma 10ml

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Grab this aroma for your pocket, purse or car.


The most popular musk fragrance for over 50 years. Thick, goldish, aged to perfection.


Kemet's  regal and mysterious highly concentrated fragrance that lasts with light linger that's not meant to be heavy, overpowering, or leave a scent trail so it can be used deliberately, on the entire body. 


Similar to an Egyptian Musk


Some that wear the fragrance will not be able to detect it after the first few hours of wearing it but those around you will as the fragrance blends with your natural body scent.


Unlike conventional perfumes, our aromas are alcohol and filler-free, so it may take a minute or two for the slowly warming scent to emit its full bouquet.


Non-greasy, non-sticky, travel friendly

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